Welcome to PVEGAMING!

PVEGAMING is a PVE survival game community. We host numerous servers like Ark, 7 Days to Die, DayZ, Empyrion & Rust. All of our servers are PVE only (no pvp) so you can enjoy the game and all of the things you love about survival, without having to worry about other players killing you. We also provide a community for like-minded individuals who enjoy the game as well as the people. Our community is primarily comprised of mature adults.

This webpage is a portal to our Community Discord where all of our real-time interactions, communications and announcements take place.

Our discord is linked below.

About Us

A Staff of Gamers

Our staff is comprised of gamers, just like you. We are here to help as best we can to ensure you have a great experience on our servers! We have a trouble ticket system in our discord so we can better address issues one at a time.

Our Mission

We are committed at bringing our community the best gaming experience possible by providing reliable servers and a safe, drama-free gaming environment. This allows the players on our servers to become more immersed into the game and escape the stress that real life typically offers.

Find us on Discord